The Complicated Chinese Family Tree!

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The Complicated Chinese Family Tree!

January 18, 2020 Uncategorized 0
Chinese New Year is just around the corner! ! 🎉🎊🏮
Once again, it is time for joyful reunions, noisy family gatherings, dinners with close ones and visiting the homes of our elders and relatives to celebrate the arrival of a new spring.
During these visits, perhaps many of you will suddenly find yourself trying to remember what actually is the correct way of greeting a particular elder or a relative. Or, do you teach your children to call your family members the general term “Uncle“, “Auntie“, “Ge Ge“, “Jie Jie“, “Mei Mei“, or “Di Di” only?
Check out the complicated Chinese Family Tree and why not try to use the correct term for greeting a relative?
For i-LEARN Ace‘s parents, make it a fun assignment with your children. Use our Mindmap creator to create your own family tree
Take the opportunity to identify and clarify the family relationship during this coming Chinese New Year family gatherings 😍!

The Complicated Chinese Family Tree (Mandarin version)

The Complicated Chinese Family Tree (Cantonese version)

Credit: Off The Great Wall

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