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The Future of Education!

i-LEARN Ace Junior – a learning engagement platform designed to nurture the intellectual, spiritual, and emotional development of learners from standard 1 to 3.

Starting 1st Jan 2019, Ministry of Education (MOE) has abolished exams for standard 1 to 3 students in Malaysia.

This is because MOE desires to replace the exam-oriented culture with learning-centered assessments, which will now focus on fun learning and student-centred approach that will build and strengthen the four basic skills which are reading, writing, counting and reasoning.

In line with MOE’s desire, SASBADI, a well-known education publisher with 35 years experience, specially designed this fun and engaging learning platform for Malaysian students based on assessment basis.

Key Features

Functions and Features

Why i-Learn Ace Junior?

Easy and user friendly!

Interactive, Engaging, Fun and Attractive!

Increase interest in studies!

Save time ⏰!

Flexibility – study anytime, anywhere, using computers 🖥, laptops 💻, smart phones 📱 or tablets.

Audio activities – Improves pronunciation 🗣, fluency and listening skill 👂🏻

High quality content!

✅ Developed by SASBADI, an education publisher with 35 years experience in Malaysia

✅ Frequently updated according to the latest KSSR Semakan syllabuses.

✅ Wide range of subjects and activities available for students

✅ Includes i-Think and HOTS / KBAT and PBS concepts

✅ Includes Monthly Assessments for every subject

✅ Easily identify student’s strengths and weaknesses in each topic

Engage children and encourages parental involvement in children’s learning process.

✅ Help to develop 21st century skills 4CsCommunication, Creativity, Critical Thinking & Collaboration

✅ For SJKC package, non-Chinese speaking parent can learn and practice Mandarin together with their children

✅ Rewards system motivates students to learn and practice, making learning more Fun!

Save money buying fewer reference books and exercise books.

Affordable price – approx. RM1.05 per day for 365 days subscription, ALL subjects

Subscription Fee​

RM385 for 365 days subscription, include Achievement card with sticker and medal.

Courier Fee WM : RM 10, EM : RM12

Type of Package

Examples of Activities



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