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Unveiling Sasbadi’s Latest 2023 UPSA/UASA and SPM Test Papers on i-LEARN Ace

Std 4 – Form 5 Teachers, Educators Parents and Students, In the ever-evolving landscape of education, staying up-to-date with the latest assessments is crucial for success. With a legacy spanning 38 years, Sasbadi, a reputable publisher and Education Solutions Provider, has consistently met the dynamic educational demands of the times.  Stepping up to the new…
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August 14, 2023 0

Keep your children amused during this MCO by creating your own 3D Zoo at home!

It has been 2 weeks of MCO and parents are running out of ideas how to keep their children engaged during this period. Google has released a new feature where parents can easily create their own virtual 3D zoo at home. Parents and children can be creative at taking photo or videos with the animals…
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March 30, 2020 0

11 Benefits of Online Learning for Malaysian Primary and Secondary Students!

How much do you know about online learning and it’s benefits? Did you know that it is now as widely available for primary and secondary school students as it is for those in higher education? What is Online Learning? Online Learning takes you out of the conventional classroom to enable learning anytime and anywhere. All…
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March 10, 2020 0

The Complicated Chinese Family Tree!

Chinese New Year is just around the corner! ! 🎉🎊🏮 Once again, it is time for joyful reunions, noisy family gatherings, dinners with close ones and visiting the homes of our elders and relatives to celebrate the arrival of a new spring. During these visits, perhaps many of you will suddenly find yourself trying to remember what…
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January 18, 2020 0

2020 UPSR, PT3 and SPM exam time tables are released!

📣📣📣 2020 UPSR, PT3 and SPM’s time tables are released! UPSR Schedule ✳️ Tuesday, 1st September ✳️ Wednesday, 2nd September ✳️ Thursday, 3rd September ✳️ Monday, 7th September ✳️ Tuesday, 8th September PT3 Schedule ✳️ Pentaksiran Pendidikan Kesenian PT3:17th Feb – 10th July   Ujian Lisan Bertutur BM & LAM:17th – 28th August  BI :1st –…
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December 25, 2019 0

Top online tuition in Malaysia for UPSR, PT3 and SPM!

Top online tuition in Malaysia for UPSR, PT3 and SPM! What is i-LEARN Ace? i-LEARN Ace is a fully integrated digital platform for online tuition in Malaysia. It is a multi-featured online platform created to provide a learning experience that is customizable, fun, interactive, engaging and mobile for students, teachers, and parents. The learning platform…
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September 20, 2018 30